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Whether you wear your jewelry pieces every day or save them for special occasions, you may notice that eventually your jewelry may start to lose its brilliance.


Clean your jewelry regularly, especially if you wear them daily: 

  • Soak in a solution of warm water & mild detergent
  • Use a toothbrush in light strokes to clean
  • For jewelry with pearls or emeralds, do not use harsh chemicals in the cleaning process
  • Take your jewelry to a professional for cleaning if you notice it is damaged


Store your jewelry carefully to prevent damage: 

  • Store each jewelry piece separately, in a fabric-lined jewelry box or a chamois bag to prevent scratches and abrasion
  • Remove your jewelry before going to bed, playing sports or using harsh products
  • When traveling, wrap your jewelry individually in a soft cloth or small cases to avoid any impact damage
  • Have your jewelry checked by a professional if you notice any lose or moving stones

Sometimes, product care is best left to the professionals

Regular cleaning of diamonds and examining them for loose settings will help you avoid losing your precious investment. Both can be done by a diamond jewelry expert.

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